Minimalists are practical people, do you agree? Instead of multitasking, they choose to focus on a few important things at a time.

Minimalists don’t just pick a hobby or task that does not ultimately move them towards their goals. They are very intentional on how they spend their time and resources.

If you are a minimalist and you decide to keep a pet, you surely know the responsibilities and all the hard work it takes to keep a pet healthy and happy. Of course, you are determined to fulfil your role as a carer to your pets. In this blog, let us discuss some practical pet care tips for minimalist pet owners.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Most people take their pets to the vet when they see something wrong. In these situations, it’s common to find that the pet’s health problem has gotten worse. Rather than being reactive, it’s better to take a proactive approach by having regular visits to the vet. This is the best way to prevent serious health problems with your pet. The vet can do a regular check up on your pet’s dental health, monitor growth and parasite issues, and administer vaccinations. Any health issues are caught early which translates to easier management and lesser expenses.

Pet care for minimalists: Having regular vet visits are far more beneficial than learning about your pet’s disease when it is already in the advanced stage.

Regular Feeding

Pets can have voracious appetites which leads them to overeat. Worms, other underlying health problems or stress could be reasons for overeating. Sadly, overeating leads to overnutrition, excessive weight gain and a host of other health complications. Prevent overeating by giving scheduled and measured meals. Of course, you may not always be around and have the time to provide this.

Be practical and get your pet a programmable pet food dispenser. Set the quantity and time by which the pet food is dispensed. Some models even have a recording capacity to capture your voice for you to call your pet to eat. The pet dispenser will play this recording a few minutes before releasing the pet food, to encourage regular feeds. This way, your fur babies will eat on time and with the right amount – even if you have an all-nighter or short business trip.

Pet care for minimalists: Serve on time and purrfectly measured meals with automatic pet feeders. No more overfeeding!

Everyday Comfort

Do you allow your pet to sleep on your bed? People have different views on this. However, if you are the type that dislikes pet hair on your bed sheets, you don’t have to fret. You just have to make sure that your pet has a comfortable sleeping space of its own. There are washable pet beds that are specially made to cuddle your fur babies so they will stay within their space during bedtime and avoid leaving their hair all over your room. These pet beds also come in ‘minimalist friendly’ colours so they blend well within your interiors.

Pet care for minimalists: If you’re not into pet hairs in your bed, consider getting a washable pet bed that easy to maintain and works great for your pets.

Safety First

Do you sometimes go on a ride with your pet? They surely love those. But, sometimes, your car suffers with dirt, scratches, pet hair and paw prints. There is also the danger of your pet being bounced around in your car if you hit a pothole, or have to brake suddenly. Good thing, there are now car seat covers for pets. These waterproof and stainproof covers have special ties to secure them in your car and seatbelt for your pet. You can drive knowing your pet is secured and comfortable and you have less mess to clean after the trip.

Give these ideas a try. You’ll see that pet ownership is not so time-consuming or messy. You can be a minimalist and a great fur-dad or fur-mum at the same time!

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