As a YouTuber, influencer, or a brand, it’s imperative that you always stay in the prospects’ line-of-sight. After all, that’s the only way to convert your prospects and grow your business.

One of the best ways to convert audiences is through video. Of all video platforms available today, one of the fastest-growing and farthest-reaching channels is TikTok. If you wish to capture your coveted market, then TikTok is the best platform to use. Here are a few facts that will convince you:

  • TikTok is more popular than Twitter and has 500 million active users today.
  • Over 41% of the TikTok user base comprises of 16-24-year-old people – who are the biggest consumer group for most brands.
  • TikTok has a shoppable feature called the “Hashtag Challenge Plus”, where users can directly visit your store and purchase the product.
  • Up-and-coming TikTokers can make an average of $450 per month from the platform through good quality videos, while influencers can make up to $200 per post.

Making a video on TikTok not only allows you to generate visits to your website or e-store, but you can also find a primary source of income through the platform.

Now that you know why you need to make a TikTok video, let’s look at the most important tool you need to have on-hand when making TikTok videos – the ring light.

The best ring light for your TikTok videos

Lighting is instrumental to a video’s success. The ring light is one of the best types of camera lighting available since it adds a soft and ethereal glow to the subject’s face while eliminating shadows.

The 55 W LED Light Ring, is a leading ring light brand that’s been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of YouTubers and brand influencers. Extremely versatile and easy to use, it is the best investment you can make if you’re thinking of shooting TikTok videos.


Inclusions and features

The 55 W LED Light Ring comes with a full kit of parts that enable you to shoot the most aesthetic TikTok videos.

The product comes with a height-adjustable tripod that’s 180 cms at full height. The easy-to-use adjustable tabs on the stem of the tripod make it hassle-free to set-up. You can now use the ring light on any terrain and take photos and videos in comfort.

Another essential addition to the tripod is the phone holder. Now you never need to juggle with your phone in one hand and the light in the other. You can securely place the phone on the phone holder, angle the light the way you want and shoot your videos, sans the shaking. The phone holder is size-adjustable and is capable of holding phones of all screen sizes.

The LED ring in the ring light is large and offers expansive coverage. The diameter of the ring is a whopping 48.5cms (around 19 inches) – one of the largest in the market. It’s perfect if you’re shooting fashion videos or travel vlogs and want to take wide-angle shots.

The ring light provides a 5500 K (cool white or natural daylight) lighting. If this feels too dull or too bright, don’t worry. The 55 W LED Light Ring lens is brightness-adjustable as well. There are also light filters that come in different colours with the kit. Just set-up the filter when you’re shooting the video and say goodbye to glares and shadows.

How much power does the 55 W LED Light Ring consume?

One of the best features of the 55 W LED Light Ring is that it’s eco-friendly.

The ring light is powered by a 55-watts, 110-240 V, AC adapter. The high energy savings you get from this ring light brand, also translate to high cost savings. Now you can shoot as many TikTok videos you want and never worry about the money or electricity being wasted.

There’s no need to purchase the AC adapter separately – it comes with the product.



Shipping, warranties, and refunds

All of the components of the 55 W LED Light Ring with Tripod come stored compactly in a high-quality bag.

This 55 W LED Light Ring with Tripod can be shipped to various countries, including the Russian Federation, France, Spain, Germany, China, and the United States.

Delivery times vary depending on the location of shipping and import/export regulations. However, the product usually reaches the customer within 60 days, and the entire kit with all the components is directly shipped to your home or office from the warehouse.

The brand offers a 100% refund to all customers who don’t receive the product in the promised time. There’s a partial refund to customers whose orders are missing any parts.

5 reasons to purchase the 55 W LED Light Ring with Tripod

  • Provides a service life of more than 50000 hours.
  • Heavy-duty screws and extra-long cord provided with the kit to secure the light in place.
  • Doesn’t generate ultraviolet or infrared light radiation – safe for long-term exposure.
  • Extremely budget-friendly and easy to use, suitable for novice vloggers.
  • Global shipping within 60 days.

So, go ahead and shoot the most stunning, aesthetic TikTok videos, all with the help of the 55 W LED Light Ring.